NXT creatives

Ewa Śliwińska

Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

The Living Points Structure

"Jewellery that is defined by the body’s physique and movement” ‘The Living Points Structure’ is a jewellery object series formed by a dozen steel cylinders placed on flexible lines. They were designed to be worn on body parts rarely associated with decorating, e.g. calves, thighs, arms, forearms and back. The form was inspired by observing a school of fish was elevated to the main motif of the project; a mimicry of movement and emotional states of the wearer. The main characteristics of this project are movement, lightness, nature, and human activity and emotions. A slight gesture or gasp of wind allows the structure to move with slight, barely visible vibrations. When the movement is intensified - we start walking, jumping, running - the amplitude of vibration increases as well. ‘The Living Points Structure’ is life, multi-element collectivity, and the algorithm of movement. Wearing the object, we do not simply decorate the body, but extend it both in the context of its form and activity, and we bring the new visual representation to the movement. Jewellery objects perceived in such a way aim to gain a new dimension of value. Aside from the design, aesthetic functions, designer’s brand or manufacturing costs, it is the movement that becomes the next dimension; we then focus on the mobility and proximity of the wearer’s life. Jewellery objects incorporated in ‘The Living Points Structure’ are manufactured from 3 materials. Elastic and easily bendable PVC have been used for the installation structure worn directly on the body, providing comfortable and easy wearing for all body types and sizes. The pieces of plastic thread are perfectly light, thin and practically invisible. From the aesthetic point of view, they act as an element of the background, while it is their features that will determine the construction’s shape and movement. The small metal cylinders attached at the threads’ ends balance the construction and act as decorative elements.