NXT creatives

Faye Green

Newcastle University


A delicate thievery, a swallowing down into the belly... the remnants of a dance unseen, undanced, but held in the body like a fever. NOT TO DISCOU[RAGE] YOU is a solo performance work surrounding the illicit learning of a forbidden dance. The piece explores a kind of haunting, the delirious desire to inhabit or be inhabited by a dance, the dance – Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A. The learning process is marked by the obstructions of the dance’s protected legacy: the conditions for the correct ‘transmission’ of choreography between bodies, which the dancer cannot access, and the notation of the dance, which she cannot read. The attempt can therefore only take place through a series of surrogates, frames and restrictions. This learning, this coming to dance again, becomes a kind of stealing – a digression, an illicit act. The piece explores the tensions between discursive practices and embodied knowledge as well as the resonances between reading and dancing in relation to a troubled process of learning. NOT TO DISCOU[RAGE] YOU recalls the historical bodies of Freud’s hysterics; ‘transmission’ becomes contagion as Rainer’s dance imposes a restless, relentless present tense onto the symptomatic, remembering body. Part telling, part practice, the performance enacts a series of beginnings and interruptions as the body introjects into the attempted narrative. The performance space is defined by taped-out marks on the floor, which suggest a room that is too small, a room full of restrictions. Speech acts and silences, spoken narrative, and stolen dance all begin, unravel, disrupt and collide inside the room-too-small.