NXT creatives

Ferenc Gnándt

University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

Kék (sorozat) - Blue (series)

This creations of the Blue series seem like a homogeneous smooth blue surface with some coloured straight as a common picture on the wall. Excepting the Blue II. where the straights seem homogeneous and the surface seem coloured but despite this reverse way it seems a common one alike. On the one hand it is true because there is a well point to see like that from where. On the other hand if the viewer do an other position it is not true because everything is beginning move farther on and what remain in that case is some random fixed wood and some random painted paint only. Everything is changing in depends on what the creation wants show about itself. So what is this exactly? This is a confuse of the definition. These creations are not only a visual play with the place and the surface but a sight of the process when everything become to be something from different pieces when they become to seem something what is entire what is true. It is a secret in deep of the thing what is hanging on the wall like a creation what seems known by because of to be wood only. They contrast the information what is learnt by with the information what is still original without any determine by. This one a question: Are you sure what do the definitions mean exactly? This one also an other question: Are you sure about what is happening around you or inside you? And an ask: Please think about that for a moment.