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Florentina Holzinger

Kein Applaus fuer Scheisse

A performance artist has to go to extremes to get his applause – an idea which Florentina Holzinger's Kein Applaus fuer Scheisse takes very literally... Kein Applaus balances dangerously close to the edge. You could easily dismiss it as wanting to be provocative, shocking, egocentric or vulgar, but the performance urges you to see beyond that. It's an ingenious game between performer and audience, filled with references towards the inside (the performer gesturing towards himself) and outside (e.g. the glammed and blown-up world of pop culture), a dance between sincerity and irony, between man and woman, between showy, flaunting sexuality and the objectified body-as-body. You wouldn't call Kein Applaus light, but it nonetheless sets off laughter with a little wink here and there.