NXT creatives

Franziska Menge & Hendrik Walther

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten


‘WILDSTRAINING I IN THE FEARSOME ARMAMENTS I MILLENNIA’ is a 6 hour-long theatrical installation in the form of a triptych which circles around the subject of the odyssey of a human being. In the three different zones of the triptych, 8 performers force themselves into different energies and thus create a force field. These forces represent the diverging and colliding structures of culture and nature. Menge and Walther, the creators of the work, were inspired by texts written by Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus and James Joyce. They felt excited about the archaic story of Ulysses, the shipwrecked traveller. The story of Sisyphus, who was doomed to eternal activity (to roll his stone up the mountain over and over again) felt interesting for the two makers because of the universality of the story. Despite the lack of narrative, the motifs of those ancient stories can be recognised as clear quotes in an abstract context. Menge, Walther and the team chose the form of a classical triptych to manifest their differing associations of cultural history. They show 3 tableaus side by side, which can attract or push off each other. They create a symbiosis they can feed off or debilitate each other, and they can fight as culture and nature can fight in our bodies. The audience is invited to come and go, so every audience member has a different experience. In matters of style, the performance mixes elements of performance art, dance and mime. The different actions makes the audience rethink the subject constantly.