NXT creatives

Giles Bailey

Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

Tom/Lutz: Two Scenes in 1983

Taking the stage and withdrawing a bottle of eyedrops from his pocket Giles Bailey explains that he has prepared an action to introduce the performance. This action involves removing the cap from the bottle, placing it in his mouth, tilting back his head and pulling at the flesh just below his eye. He tilts his head forward again, takes the cap from his mouth, replaces it on the open bottle and screws it fast. This becomes the overture to two stories told simultaneously. Tom/Lutz: Two Scenes in 1983 gives accounts of a pair of ostensibly unconnected incidents concerning male subjects which took place in 1983. One describes the return of a young dancer to Germany from the United States to work on a new ensemble piece, during the process of which he is filmed demonstrating one fragment from the work for a documentary. The other is an account of an elderly writer’s death from choking on the cap of a bottle of eye-drops.