NXT creatives

Gisela Stöckli

HKB - Hochschule der Künste Bern

Der Amsel gehörend

The three-channel video installation ‘Der Amsel gehörend’ investigates the current consciousness of the new-born state Kosovo. As the youngest state in Europe, Kosovo and its people are on the verge of building a new nation. Considering the latest as well as historic development of the region, the new Kosovarian flag is seen as a symbol of representation seeks to unite ambiguous tendencies and reduce ethnic tensions.Three projections and an audio - which is accessible by several headsets - create a spacious but nonlinear narrative structure. The audio level combines extracts of interviews (in English) which were conducted in order to research the story behind the newly designed flag. Different speakers meet and share their thoughts about their country’s new symbol of representation. The fragmented reproduction of the interviews made during the research offer an insight in the process of nation building and individual opinions. On a visual level, Gisela searches for images that revolve around the topic of structure organisation and chaos that generate - in combination with the audio - a room of reflection. On a third string, Gisela was looking for blackbirds in Kosovo; a bird which gives its name to the country (‘Der Amsel gehörend’ stands for ‘belonging to the blackbird’). This is the frame of the installation, rounded up by the title of the piece. The installation allows the visitor to immerse him- or herself into a choreography of images and sounds where he or she is confronted with the artistic discourse of the topic. Gisela is interested in the profound sense for poetry of everyday life. The work combines the latter with the research that was conducted for the piece therefore generating knowledge about national identity in a non-educational way, but confronting the visitors with an artistic world of research and reflection.