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Games without Frontiers

Music from the eighties is part of our collective memory. But what is that strange, nostalgic era really all about? This is what seven actors try to discover in Jakop Ahlbom's Games without Frontiers, a highly visual, wordless performance. In a smooth shiny white set, with disco balls, a rubik's cube, a cassette tape and a Super Mario puppet, the actors play alongside the pop heroes of another time. Unrestrained, without inhibitions, and yet listless and dull, they enact a birthday party that turns into a bizarre spectacle. A performance full of nostalgia and humour, Games without Frontiers is about the romanticism of purposeless youth in an absurd and magical world. Jakop Ahlbom developed Games without Frontiers together with seven actors graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. The actors are: Eleni Achilleos, Hiske de Goeje, Jos Nargy, Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Lotte Rischen, Hilde Segond von Banchet, Judith Sleddens.