NXT creatives

Jana Mendelski

Universität der Künste Berlin


OUTDATED is an interactive room, inviting the visitors to step inside the conflicting situation in the Middle East.Combining photography and text with an interactive video installation, which uses technology to track the visitor’s position and turn him into the motor of the video, the artwork builds a multimedia space around the Medjool date from the Middle East. 140 photographies of Medjool dates, originating from different places in the Middle East, frame the entrance into the room which inside presents three different ways to violently bring the dates out of their usual comforting form. Every little chance in the constellation of the three videos is driven by the visitor’s movement. The installation connects the outside view of the similarity of a region, represented by a very common everyday object, the date, with the inside view of complex relations and conflicts. The visitor becomes an actor in an instable, sensitive, fragile situation – no matter, who enters, consciously or unconsciously, he will affect the situation.