NXT creatives

Jane Fogarty

Dublin School of Creative Arts

Twenty-Four Hours

Twenty-Four Hours is a painting. It is also 1440 individual paintings, on cardboard, each executed in one minute and with a unique colour mixed each time. These individual pieces can stand alone or equate to a brushstroke in the overall painting. At times these brushstrokes are stacked, resulting in a painting which conceals the many layers used in its creation and which exploits the sculptural qualities of the work, a painting where each brushstroke attempts to balance both the composition and the structure simultaneously. Other times the painting is monumental and lets the architectural qualities of the space dictate its composition. The paintings are not fixed, leaving the option for multiple combinations, one as valid as the next. Cardboard was chosen as a support for the painting as it is a material with both a physical presence and a history of its own which recalls the viewer's sense of touch. The work pushes the use of colour within painting and how it influences a composition. With the modular quality of the work there are an infinite number of possibilities and the painting often gains its own life, which grows in an organic manner, each brushstroke responding to the last.