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Jenni E. Sormunen

Grey Eminence

The flag is a symbol of power, used throughout the world for its symbolic authority. But who are the people behind the flag – the political figures who in reality are using it, and for whom it stands for? Questioning the transparency of public agents and the nature of corruption, Jenni E. Sormunen's Grey Eminence is a series of actions which sees grey flags installed in front of different public buildings for a day. A collection of photographs documents these installations. The buildings Sormunen has chosen are: the office building of the municipality of Hollola, the Church of the Cross in the city of Lahti, the main building of the University of Jyväskylä, the main building of the Finnish National TV and radio broadcasting company (YLE) in Helsinki, and the Prison of Kerava. The buildings represent different parts of society and its structures: municipal politics, the church (state religion), the higher education system, the national media, and the punishment system called the law.