NXT creatives

Jenni Eskola

From the series Deadline

A part of the larger series Deadline, Jenni Eskola's project is an installation with just two elements: an intricate black and white drawing in marker and coloured pencil; and two parallel yellow lines which have been set using the thermoplastic road-workers apply to asphalt. The black and white drawing, made on paper, consists of thousands of tiny marks crossing each other in a mesh. It contains its own creative process: we can see that the drawing must have been made very slowly, perhaps meditatively, and the finished work stands as a record of an unseen artistic performance. The yellow lines are the absolute opposite: the scale is huge and we know road-workers are used to working quickly and roughly. Just as the process is different so are the materials: paper is very fragile, while the thermoplastic is designed to resist time and erosion. It should last almost forever. With quiet, simple contradictions, Jenni Eskola's project approaches themes of repetition and uniqueness, (the wasting of) time, and fragility.