NXT creatives

Jenny Keane

Ulster University

The Lick Drawings Series

The Lick Drawings is a series looking at the common tropes of horror. Using (mostly) mainstream horror films, the artist projected footage using a data projector, then paused the film at certain points to trace the still image onto paper. Developing on from her previous art practice of the mouth as a source of both desire and disgust, the artist then licked the horrific element in the image to remove it. The amount of licking depended on the image itself. In some cases, it was just a small section and in others, like in the drawing from the film Carrie, in which the protagonist has blood pouring all over her face, the licking almost obscures the whole drawing. The orangey-red tinge at the licked section of each image is the artist's blood: the pressure of the licking caused her tongue to bleed. Most of the project's source films are well known and recognised, giving a sense of familiarity to the finished pieces � so that even though they are taken out of their context, and thus disrupted and recreated, they still have some sense of having been seen before, and create an almost uncanny or abject experience. By licking the drawing, the artist is in a way attempting to 'help' the image by removing its 'horrific' element, but she is also giving it a part of herself � an act that is just as horrific as the thing it tries to obscure.