NXT creatives

Joanne Fleck

Lincoln School of Art and Design

Disappearing Love

Joanne Fleck's Disappearing Love collects three self-portrait images based on the disappearing feelings a woman has for her partner. Each photograph is created from several images merged together, the translucent layers revealing what lies behind. The woman holds different objects in each image which represent the cause of the loss of her feelings for her partner. The fading images represent the woman's fading feelings, as though they are soon to be merely a blank frame, with no love. There is a clock present in the first image. The clock represents the length of time that passed in the relationship, and the distance between the couple as they led a long-distance relationship. Time moved on, increasing the emotional distance between them. The second image includes a dying red rose. This represents the dying love and passion in the relationship. The rose petals are brittle and delicate. The third image shows a candle. The flame of the candle is extinguished representing the recent absence of a flame/spark between the couple. The objects hover between the woman’s hands. She knows there are issues in her relationship but she cannot have full control over them, and cannot prevent them.