NXT creatives

Julia Tyrolt

Fachhochschule Würzburg

828 Million Moments of Time

If, as is sometimes said, a moment lasts three seconds, then how many moments make up a life, and which moments will we remember? In Julia Tyrolt's delicate short film an old man recalls scenes from his childhood and later in life – a Ferris wheel, the old swings, a woodland path; one image merges into the next. The visual language of the piece is the Polaroid – a snapshot, blurry and fading, of an old memory – as, in a striking synthesis of form and content, Tyrolt's project converts the images of a digital film into a total of 7592 artificial Polaroids. Re-shot in single frame mode with a still camera, they create an effect of stop-motion, or of time lapse – of moments in time.