NXT creatives

Karoliina Loimaala & Maya Oliva

PARTS Performing Arts Research and Training Studios

With a Pair of Dirty Gloves

They have a huge need for control. They are arrogant and confident of their superiority and entitlement. They are easily bored; they seek stimulation and lack fear. They don’t recognise nor consider loyalty, empathy or concern for other people. They love to lie, manipulate and abuse. They don’t own or in any considerable way possess guilt or remorse for anything they do, no matter how grave. They do possess cunning, and they are experts on shifting of blame. 

The piece is a joyful burst of minimal movement, a dance dedicated to Hitchcock. 

Artist Statement

WHAT IF you could take a peek into a keyhole into a mind? We want to tickle the mind. We search for deliberate ways of moving. We depart from the gestures of everyday actions. We twist them ruthlessly around, fictionalise them, butter them up, dip them in boiling sugar. We reject abstract movement without a meaning and an end. We have an urge.