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Katarina Kubankova

Vysoká škola výtvarných umení Bratislava

Tactile Book For Visually Impaired Readers

The production of tactile books for visually impaired readers is a marginal practice in the field of graphic design. Nevertheless it's importance is immense – and widely underestimated. By producing tactile books for children, designers can contribute to the socialisation and cultivation of the tactile skills of visually impaired children, helping to compensate for their loss of vision. In a society that requires the clear and fast transmission of information, it is important also to bring graphic culture into the lives of visually impaired people. Tactile images in children's books are an early and effective means to promote an interest in touch as the first step to (Braille) literacy and the future use of sophisticated haptic displays – maps, diagrams, etcetera. Problems associated with the production of tactile books are, however, numerous. Katarina Kubankova's project – a book of rhymes for visually impaired children, as well as their sighted parents and friends – focuses on the reducing the costs of reproducing tactile books by choosing screen printing technologies (Flock and Tactile Varnish) as an alternative means of production.