NXT creatives

Katrin Bichler & Christina Hosiner

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien


The problem: The average ecological footprint is too big. The growing population is consuming the planets resources faster than they can grow back. Humankind is destroying its own habitat. 
The idea: Instead of telling people to live more sustainably, it has to be made easier to do so; Goodprint the app helps to reduce the ecological footprint in a playful way. 
The execution: The users can go on ecological missions; for example doing an extra vegetarian day a week, swapping to eco power or forming a carpool. The user can see the impact of every mission allows them receive rewards every week and they can watch their footprint shrink. The user can go up levels, collect trophies and share their achievements on social media. The users can compare themselves to friends and create teams. This way the app inspires and motivates to live more eco-friendly every day and to act on good intentions.

Artist Statement

With our final project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, we wanted to explore our roles as graphic designers in a broader social context. We don’t view ourselves as marketing machines whose role is to sell consumer products; our aim is rather to use design as a means to create and spread knowledge.
For these reasons, we created an app that helps citizens to reduce and track their ecological footprint. We have taken common footprint calculators further by developing a tool for improvement. This was a vast conceptual achievement which required the accumulation of in-depth knowledge in various areas.
We wanted to invite the audience to learn about an important topic that affects them and their own future. It was important to us to empower our audience to make independent and responsible decisions on their own, which we believe to be a requirement for sustainable social change.