NXT creatives

Kosmas Giannoutakis

Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz

Verschränkte Spielräume

Verschränkte Spielräume (Entangled Spaces) interconnects a number of musicians and rooms. Through the acoustic connections between the rooms and a feedback-delay network system, the musicians try to hear each other and play music. Every sound in the rooms is recorded and played back by variable delay lines. The sound of the delay lines is physically mixed in the acoustic space recorded by the microphones and played back again in a continuous flow. The resulting unexpected sound textures can be interpreted as emergent phenomena of this non-linear and complex feedback process. The gestures of the performers are extended in time space and frequency which are naturally interconnected by the feedback-delay network. The process can be theoretically interpreted as the scattering of sound inside a 10 kilometre-wide multidimensional room, with its faces moving at variable speeds and creating transpositions. Every sound inserted in the network will develop in a truly unique way into noise. Local networks are installed in every room but the central system distributes the delay lines randomly in all rooms merging the acoustics of the various rooms and creating a hyper-room.  The audience is invited to move freely around the space and explore individually the dynamic process. The form of the piece is a hybrid between a concert and an installation.

Artist Statement

My artistic practice focuses on the meta-level of music creation. My concept of meta-composition is defined as a self-organising system that procreates music by acting on real time and space. Its subsystems (performers, musical instruments/sound objects, DSP systems, rooms, audience) are interconnected through the medium of sound. Using feedback mechanisms in order to create complexity and to control non-linearity, I am researching the catalyst and communication of emergent sound phenomena. In my artworks the virtuosity of listening and the adaptability of behaviour is stimulated while the surrounding spaces reveal their hidden music. My ambition is to redefine music making as an auto-poetic system which strives for a type of sonic consciousness to be present. This utopia which is conceptually possible with our current scientific and technological understanding serves as the inspiration for my artistic practice.