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Krisztina Szalay

Moholy-Nagy Müvészeti Egyetem

Chinese Market

About 25 years ago China and Hungary respectively signed diplomatic agreements. In just 2 years - due to the termination of the visa requirements - the Chinese population in Hungary sky-rocketed significantly. Krisztina Szalay’s recent series documents the Chinese Market in Budapest, which grew out of the abandoned area and buildings of the Ganz factory and came to completely envelop it. In the early 90’s it did not only function as a simple market - it was the biggest distribution centre in Central and Eastern Europe. The Chinese Market can be a misleading name, however, considering that the people who work there are descendant from many other countries like the Ukraine, Romania, Vietnam, Hungary, Algeria and more. It could be said that an independent city was developed in the heart of the Hungarian capital, in which immigrants of different ethnicities live side by side, where they rely on and help each other in their daily lives.