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Ladislava Repkova

Vysoká škola výtvarných umení Bratislava

Intimate Lighting

Ladislava Repkova's Intimate Lighting is a of three lamps that have been designed not with the intention merely of creating an intimate mood, but as objects to represent intimacy itself. As all feelings of intimacy are closely related to an individual's physical and mental realms, Repkova's lamps focus on the human body and the expressions and gestures of intimate experience. The lamps depict human figures, carved in light wood to evoke the human skin, and experiencing moments of intimacy. Lampshades represent mysteriousness, privacy and materialise the boundaries of the intimate zone. Each of the lamps is related to a different meaning of the word intimacy. The lamp 'Relationship' shows the close relationship and confidentiality of two people. The lamp 'Body' is concentrated on the idea of intimacy as personal and individual space