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Lana Ruellan

HEAR: Haute école des arts du Rhin

Mineral Research Laboratory

The artistic and research-heavy work of Lana Ruellan focuses on the ceramic medium, enamels and mineral chemistry. Engaging with humorous experiments that link art to geology, Ruellan recomposes precious gems that are chemically precise yet subtly artificial. The representation of nature that appears in these ongoing experiments offers us a vocabulary of simple shapes combined with a poetic taxonomy. With her use of extensive craft expertise, Ruellan’s delicate works unfold before our eyes, revealing a fascinating chronicle of nature.

Artist Statement

I reproduce and accelerate the natural process that causes the creation of minerals. Several thousands of miles beneath us, under our feet, molecules assemble, creating stable chemical structures. These structures then go through very high temperatures and pressure to create a mineral, which then have the potential to become a rock or gem. In my ceramics studio, I have dozens of different minerals in powder form that I begin my process with. I know the chemical structure of every single one, which allows me to create my own compositions. To begin, I arrange a combination of molecules very precisely in an attempt to reproduce a natural chemical structure. I fire the resulting mix in a ceramics kiln at the temperature of 1280°C for eight hours. Though chemically identical to natural gemstones, my fabricated minerals vary significantly from the original due to the difference in the time and pressure it takes to produce them.