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Larysa Bauge

Koninklijk Conservatorium


DONA is a cycle of performances inspired by artist Larysa Bauge’s own story of immigration. The piece reflects on the common fears amplified by internal conflicts of an individual in relation to existing contemporary issues across the world. The performance acts are metaphors of loneliness, vulnerability, impossibility of balance, trespassing and being in the spotlight yet still remaining invisible. 

Artist Statement

In my performances I try to deal with subjects that scare me the most. I take my pieces as a chance of crossing boarders in a way that I cannot attempt in an everyday situation. For me it means to redefine the connections between human beings, as well as question the reality, the taboos and the socially accepted. The recurrent topics of my works are loneliness, vulnerability, balance (or its impossibility), adapting to new circumstances and nostalgia. My ultimate goal is to create pieces that can speak to anyone, the kind of art that is transpersonal, transcultural. But instead of ephemeral beauty, I attempt to create images that mobilise the viewer. The participatory, emotional response, a sort of awakening is what becomes very important today, both in arts and in daily life. The vital redefinition of “what makes us human” cannot happen in a passive, bored and saturated with information state. I propose to look for common grounds, to be aware, to feel, to rethink, to reevaluate and to act.

Artist Portfolio

Larysa Bauge

Image credits: Ines van der Scheer