NXT creatives

Laura Smith

National College of Art & Design Dublin

How This Works

How This Works is a three-channel HD video installation. The first channel displays three people watching a previous encounter between themselves on a television screen. The contrast between the events unfolding on-screen and the inactivity of the three people as they watch themselves reveals the conflict within their relationship. The second channel displays a group of young men performing a game. The players are joined together by the uniformity of their blue costumes. The master, distinguished by his red costume, overlooks proceedings as the game is played out on a chess board by two team captains. The movement of these pieces on the chess board dictates the actions of the players. The sound of the playing pieces echo the unspoken commands in the contained space. The third channel shows an exploration of the Grand Lodge Room in the Freemasons Hall in Dublin. The location of this room is important for the hidden history that is embedded within its ornate d�cor and symbols. The camera focuses on the details of the room before panning to reveal that it is empty. Sounds of footsteps approach as the camera retreats, leaving the room and its occupants behind the closed door and excluding the viewer from the events of their meeting Although each video is semi-autonomous, they are situated on a common thread and rely on one another to relate fully. Each video reveals a story of exclusion and powerlessness. There is no conclusion as each video continuously loops back to its starting point.