NXT creatives

Les Filles Foellen (Tuixen Benet & Margherita Bergamo)

Institut del Teatre de la Diputación de Barcelona

ENTRANCE WITH CHARGE: Two girls smoke a cigarette in only 30 seconds

Surrounded by a society dazzled by appearances, two women decide on a game to see how far they can get on looks alone. ENTRANCE WITH CHARGE deceives the public and takes their attention to opposite extremes: desire and rejection, pleasure and shame, enjoyment and hope, love and violence. The performers are revealed for what they really are: two pretty girls who get attention because that is what they are used to getting; two good people who, through their attractive appearances, pleasant smiles and dyed hair, have bodies in which, by default, there is a dark and necessarily vulnerable part. The performance's most important tool is dance. It is a work that reflects on movement, emerging from the artists' different careers as performers and choreographers, and connected by the aesthetic of cigarette girls from the 1950s - an aesthetic that led them to cabaret: bare legs and denigrated women's work... The show aims to distract the public and requires their participation; the performers ask for their help, and in return they entertain and delight. The audience feels part of the action, while at the same time feeling deceived, and enslaved by a prejudice that makes them put their trust in a person merely because they are beautiful. Based on these reflections, the artists investigate their own personae and physical work as dancers in contradiction with their external appearances. They ask themselves which situations lead us to react in a physical way, or to react violently; which reactions we like; how we outwardly show feelings of aggression and contradiction; who these reactions affect. They analyse, react and coexist.