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Liisi Tamm

Eesti Kunstiakadeemia

The Darkest Hour

A single line appears on a white wall. It keeps on going until the darkest hour has been reached; by the end of its journey the white space is covered with kilometres of this one single line. In actuality, the line is the recorded movement of the artist’s mouse from her daily work as a graphic designer. It takes a nine-hour day at the office to produce one sheet of drawing. The video installation fast-forwards through the day by speeding through the recording of the trail of the artist’s mouse. The video is accompanied with postcards of various days of mouse-drawings, alongside statistics of the distance covered. The physical movement of a computer mouse is normally considered irrelevant when used as a tool for work. Liisi Tamm’s The Darkest Hour transforms this movement – and the trace it leaves behind – into a work of art.