NXT creatives

Lisa Kortschak

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien


What is left when the attraction is missing? What do you hear when listening to listeners? Concert Setting. The seated audience awaits the beginning of the concert. On stage stands a grand piano. The pianist enters the stage, is greeted by applause, takes a seat behind the piano, and starts to play. The audience listens attentively to the concert – but they cannot hear the sound of the instrument. Only the noises produced by the audience while listening and by the pianist while touching the keyboard can be heard. In the Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein, internationally known for its special acoustics called the ‘Golden Sound’, the pianist Paul Gulda plays on a digital Bösendorfer piano. For the event, the instrument is made silent. 300 people in the audience and the pianist listen to the instrument through headphones. The headphones as a technical intervention act as a provocation into this space dominated by high culture. During the event, the Golden Sound is replaced by the technical installation and is therefore eliminated for all those present in the concert hall. During the live experience the audience acts as protagonist. Only in the video does the Golden Sound reclaim its place as protagonist.