NXT creatives

Lise Haurum Christensen

Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design


Lise Haurum Christensen's When not Bound by Gravity it is Possible to Grow Almost Indefinitely Large is a project set in a place far from human reach. The scene is the deep sea, and to get there a journey through natural history and literature unfolds. With the sperm whale (the biggest toothed whale and also the inspiration for Melville's Moby Dick) as our guide, we are taken through an underwater world where meetings with giant squid occur in the dark. In When not Bound by Gravity it is Possible to Grow Almost Indefinitely Large the sperm whale represents something greater – greater than man. The project is an investigation into the mind of the sperm whale as well as the human mind. It is an ongoing examination that is lead through unknown environments in order to understand new aspects of the world. By appropriating scientific methods for artistic techniques the project has developed into a wide-ranging work that represents a complex view into both the world of the sperm whale and the human. The outcome of the project is an installation that consists of: seven artist’s books showing different characteristics of life in the deep sea; one video – a loop where the projection shows ink floating out on the wall; one sound piece – the voice of the sperm whale (discreet click sounds and, in between, long silent pauses); various objects, including a figurine of a sperm whale made by the artist as a child; photographs, including a colossal squid’s tentacle hanging from the ceiling and an arrow squid depicted at 1:1 size ratio; and one title poster with a sperm whale looking out from behind the letters.