NXT creatives

Livia Daniel

Faculty of Fine Arts. Universidad de Granada


One year ago during a period travelling around Europe, I started Berlin, a project born from the interest – or should I say passion – that I have been feeling during my personal and professional life. I have always had a fascination and attraction of literature and visual art. I started to capture all the spaces that create memory, capturing and photographing them, with the intention of keeping them alive inside that temporary space that involuntarily distorts and modifies them as time goes by. Berlin is a work of (ex)change, experimentation and identity, that makes me, and even obliges me, to look at myself from inside to outside, from outside to inside. Art is a place where the immensity of the identity echoes. Fugitive, unusual and creative, magnetizes in some way those who live it. It drives me to start or come back from myself in every work.