NXT creatives

Lona Hansen

Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen (KHiB)

Reflecting Matter

Reflecting matter is a sculpture made from a steel frame shaped as an upside down pyramid, with walls covered in transparent mirror foil. The tip of the pyramid is cut off, allowing the viewer to go into the pyramid. The sculpture was based on the grid in the light ceiling, and like a funnel it captures the light. From the outside the sculpture is transparent. Due to the way the light hits the foil on the inside of the sculpture, it becomes reflecting as a mirror. This means that the person standing inside it cannot look out, while the person standing outside can look in. I wanted to create a sculpture that the viewer optionally could become part of. For the outside viewer the person standing inside the sculpture is part of the work, for the person standing inside the room is hermetical and the gallery situation has ceased to exist. This sculpture creates a room within the room, where you are inside and outside at the same time. How can one be present and absent at the same time? How to make something that is both monumental and subtle? The opposite juxtaposition between the fragile fluid-like foil, captured within the strongly outlined pyramid shape. The title 'Reflecting Matter' refers to both the reflecting materiality of the foil, but also points out other materials; empty space, light, the other works in the room, the viewer.