NXT creatives

Lucie Beauvert

University of the Arts London

Interfaces, weavING for a body-experience of space

An interface is any surface that connects two materials or spaces with the function of interaction – it is both a tool and a layer which connects two systems. In Interfaces, weavING for a body-experience of space, Lucie Beauvert creates an interface, an in-between that links the anatomical body to its surrounding world. With a series of woven pieces she draws an analysis of deconstruction, challenging scales, structures, textures. The colour palette of building sites – living spaces turned inside-out – meets the natural fibres of the clothes we wear – an interface at the perimeter of our bodies. Experimenting with composition, sculpture, textile crafts and video, Beauvert's work strides across diverse fields from fashion to architecture – but whatever the form, it is the extent and nature of our body's experience that guides the work.