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Lucie Páchová

Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně

From Albums

Multimedia performance From Albums reflects Lucie Páchová’s research based on experiments with collections of dreams, memories, and old family photographs. In the same way as albums are series of images used to retain our memories, dreams could be understood as series of images used to process our memories. This performance works with pictures found by the artist in her grandmother’s albums alongside dreamed images. It reflects dreams about unusual desires, unconscious wishes, awkward situations, and exceptional physical abilities; experiences that can be pleasant as well as disturbing but mostly contradictory. The piece uses different tools to evoke associations, recollections, memories, and archetypes from the audience. The video projection, composed of digitally processed black-and-white photographs, emanates light the performer uses for shadow play and is accompanied by music made of layered voices. The ultimate result is an immersive environment that creates a dreamlike world. The performance uses the logic of dreams, at times incoherent, weird, or even grotesque, to tell the story of the main character’s strange journey in a dreamscape to meet the voice of her ancestor. From Albums offers the audience fleeting fragments of shadow and sound, the totality of which conveys a story of the uncanny.