NXT creatives

Maarten Davidse

Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht

Set up for a Holistic Experiment

The work of Maarten Davidse and Simon Weins finds a common ground in temporary, site-specific projects that leave the possibility of participation over to the viewer. Do we want to be part of a bigger process or outsiders, contemplative members or voyeurs? Their work creates contexts and crossovers within which new relations and connections can be established between people. In Set up for a Holistic Experiment a hypnotist brings the audience back to the beginning of the evolution of life on earth. The participants are pulled into a trance-like state, eyes closed, and become a part of the ancient flow of water; a process that begins with their sweat as it is collected through dehydration and its condensation builds upon the walls of a green house.The work attempts to create a context in which remembering and forgetting, seeing and feeling, imagining and evidence build tension in a seemingly real-life situation.