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Magdalena Brozda

Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design - Genève (HEAD)

If I die today, please call me tomorrow

Magdalena Brozda is a Polish born fashion designer who works and lives in Geneva. She received her bachelor’s degree in fashion design at the Geneva University of Art and Design in 2009. After leaving school, her graduation collection “I Put a Spell on You” was selected for European Talent 2009 and was exhibited at the Museum Desinghuis (Eindhoven) during the Dutch design week. Shortly after, she worked as a freelance stylist for swiss magazines before collaborating with prestigious fashion houses: A.F Vandevorst and Hussein Chalayan. In parallel Brozda has participated in various creative projects: films, photo shoots and exhibitions. As an art director, she explores different fields of art: fashion design, photography and video to create her own universe. In 2014 Magdalena was awarded a Master of Arts in Fashion and Accessory Design at the Geneva University of Art and Design (Head Genève) with a collection entitled “If I die today, please call me tomorrow”. She is the winner of the 2015 H&M Design award people’s prize. Magdalena Brozda has always refrained from using conventional methods of presenting her works. She collaborates with visual artists, filmmakers, dancers to create the personal frames for her work. Her design process has interdisciplinary character and can be described as a mix of fashion, performance, dance and videos. The visual aspect of her works (photos, videos,) is an extension of her clothes and helps to understand the discourse of the designer. Performance is an important element in the work of Brozda . The participation of the public underlines the authentic, artistic character of her clothes. The designer incorporates non-fashion issues into the fashion world by making no distinction between the world of clothes and objects. Narration becomes a principal concept in the process of design. For understanding Brozda’s clothes we have to read them simultaneously with her conceptual discourse, her design process and her performances. Currently, Magdalena works for creative collective Aamen and she is developing her own label .