NXT creatives

Magdalena Karasińska

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie


MOLEKULE is a project about movement, mobility, rest, and fun. The average worker spends almost 2,000 hours every year in the workplace, usually at a desk in an office. This frightening statistic reveals the extent of the modern sedentary lifestyle and the need for a space where people can deal with the stress of everyday life. Yet, recreational space in offices is the most ignored - treated as a dispensable luxury. MOLEKULE was designed in response to this neglect and invites workers to rest in an informal position at their own desk. MOLEKULE is an organic form comprised of three bouncy spheres fastened together with a flexible zipper cover. The design is very light and portable, and it can be packed into a small box. MOLEKULE offers the user a variety of body positions and features vivid colours as a contrast to dull office spaces. Moreover, individual units can be combined to create a multiform MOLEKULE chain. Movement is an oft-overlooked necessity of a healthy lifestyle, and it is imperative to re-balance the static system of the body during the entire workday. Leisure should not mean just sitting. The movement experienced by using MOLEKULE develops the sense of balance, strengthens muscles, calms the body, and even develops cognitive functions. MOLEKULE was tested by the Polish Association of Kinesiologists.