NXT creatives

Marek Jasan

The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava

MNAU (Meow)

MNAU is a short story about the all too familiar, yet inexplicable artistic block all artists encounter. It follows a young musician called Gejza who is struggling to create a composition he is happy with. Every time he thinks he almost has it, something unexpected disturbs him. A series of events cause Gejza to go outside and walk along the street, where the young musician finds his inspiration in ordinary, everyday objects and noises that surround him. Following this imaginary path of noises and music, he finally reaches what he has been seeking – a new and complete composition.

Artist Statement

I wanted to create this piece of work to explore the sudden feeling of hopelessness artists can experience when unable to create a satisfying piece of work. In times like these, one can be so focused on the process of creating, that other parts of one’s life can fall by the wayside. In this state, where is the border between being passionate and being oblivious? This is the question I would like to evoke in my animated short film. In visualising the music the protagonist is chasing, I wanted to show how he feels and how easily an artist can slip away to their imaginary world in the attempt to create. I also wanted the viewer to question their own artistic creation, and to consider the times they might have let other aspects of their lives slip in the pursuit of creation – something they might now want to revisit.