NXT creatives

Mari Martens Kristoffersen

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

The magpie's dance. The dog's song.

In Mari Martens Kristoffersen’s The magpie’s dance. The dog’s song. commonplace objects and used materials are processed and combined to create a new narrative through the interaction of figuration and abstraction. Texts of everyday observations, dialogues, and monologues are cut and pasted together and assembled with fragments of texts from other sources to form a textual, mental, and material collage. The assembly of the disparate objects and the collapse of monologue and dialogue in the texts mirror how the elements are about to unravel or fall apart. The artist constructs and destroys, writes down and erases: writing and carpentry merge into a way of working where the processes resemble each other and take the form of one another. Text and objects are thus combined to form a whole installation where they become one.