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Maria Brinch

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

I Don't Need Like You Want

In 2008 the visual artist Maria Brinch lived in Burma/Myanmar for six months. While photographing in Yangon City she saw that the women in her neighbourhood hung out the washing on their way to work and collected it, dry, on their way back home. Watching these daily routines, Brinch began to see the city in the context of its textiles, noticing garments everywhere: mosquito nets, curtains, bed sheets hung up to dry. They were placed randomly and temporarily on fences, balconies, trees and car wrecks; folded over anything and everything they seemed to Brinch to create an aesthetic promise of solidarity, a hope of something solid and visual – substantial – in a city suffering under oppression and poverty. In the presented works, Brinch folds pieces of woven textiles into sculptures, images or outdoor installations. The colour, size and weight speak of water, sun and dust, and the simple fold is both practical and poetic. Drawn to the aspect of folded material as the meeting point of two layers, Brinch's work explores the act of folding as a practice of embracing or wrapping.