NXT creatives

Marie De Bruyn

Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Staging the Object

An object handmade by a team of glassblowers rests on a podium. The podium is placed in a room ten metres long, four metres wide, and five metres high with a protruding section of one square metre in the left back corner. The entire right side of the room is composed of windows. The podium takes up half of the space including the surface jutting out in the back wall. It is one metre high, closed at the front and right sides, and touches the walls on the left and back sides. The glass object is about 70 centimetres wide and is placed on the corner of the protruding section of the podium. The object is flat on the bottom, round on one side, and fits into the corner on the other side. It has an opening with a diameter of about five centimetres. The spectator can only approach the podium from the front side and view it through the windows on the right side. There is a small inlet on the front left side of the podium that allows the spectator to come a little closer to the object. Still, from this vantage point the distance between the spectator and the object is a sizeable two-and-a-half metres and the object remains out of reach. The podium and the glass object are specially made to fit into this unique space. Another space would result in a different set-up of the podium and a different glass object. The intention of the artist is to create an interaction between the space, the object, and the spectator. The glass object attracts the main attention of the spectator by being the only object on an otherwise empty stage but deflects this attention through its discreet positioning. The object occupies the space of the podium in a paradoxical way; it is elusive and present at the same time. The spectator is unable to fathom the object in its entirety but is encouraged to try.