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Marietta Varga

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest


Inside by Marietta Varga is a staged series which deals with the personal memories and experiences of the artist. The series consists of eight pictures which reveal the journey of Marietta building on associations and symbols. Visually, the series works with minimalistic form and soft colours. 

Throughout the series we see the struggles of the artist unfold. The mood of the project is one of the key motifs, which represents longing, suffering but also hope. For example, the covered human figure who is leaning over steam could evoke an unsettling sensation in the viewer, but the light coming through the window can be associated with new possibilities and hope. The only picture which is not staged is a black and white photograph from the childhood of the artist which represents the conclusion of her journey. 

The series is very personal as it deals with psychological issues but maybe because of this many can connect with the project.

Artist Statement

I realised through my process of making art that I can express my suppressed feelings, problems and traumas through photography. I can only understand and process these issues through creating art. Initially this was not a conscious act; certain situations forced me to use this as a form of relief as it became clear to me that I cannot process and handle my suppressed feelings. This instinctively led me to photography which I use as a form of self expression. My project Inside is no different; it builds on my personal experiences. 

I think we are tend to repress the events of the past consciously, which gets forgotten and becomes unconscious. We close up our bad memories behind closed doors which we do not open willingly; we hide the keys to make sure they will stay there forever. But still these experiences has an effect on us and can even cause us to struggle with certain parts of our daily routine. Until we open the closed doors of our internal struggle, we can not even find ourselves. 

This series is a journey in self-recognition.