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Marjan Kooroshnia

Textilhögskolan, Högskolan i Borås

I come from...

The central feature of the art piece is the artist’s picture printed on wool fabric covered with moth’s eggs. The eggs have been allowed to develop into larvae, which have fed on the wool fabric, making holes in it. A second layer made of silk-organza fabric and printed in a Persian carpet pattern, can be seen through the holes. The two layers of fabric are isolated in a glass display case. The installation engages the audience in dialogue and discussion. The artist is Marjan Kooroshnia, who comes from Iran. Her nationality (represented by the Persian carpet) is one of the differences between her and the people who walk in the streets and sit in cafés. Her heart aches when she is seen as being different based on her nationality. This pain (the holes made by the moths) is like leprosy that slowly erodes her mind and her soul in her solitude. She wants people to know she is different (if they want to), but that knowledge should be based on what she knows or has experienced, things she has made or what she has in her heart. This piece has been created to demonstrate how painful it is when we are judged only by our nationalities. This way of judging others results in destroying their personal identities, not their nationalities.