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Markéta Sára Valnohová

Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně


‘If Fishes’ is a short film by Marketa Sara Valnohova. What if you wake up one morning and nothing is as it should be? The film depicts a group of young individuals who don’t panic when face-to-face with crisis; they are proud members of a generation unchallenged by any apocalypse. They face the existing problems head on with humour and ignorance, and they do their best to achieve the most for themselves within the confusing and unstable situation. The world they live in doesn’t reach beyond social networks or mobile reception and no echoes of the surrounding realm ever penetrates their shell. This way of projecting reality is a probe into our own micro-worlds which we occupy, and examines how we may deal with a catastrophe of our own. Marketa Sara Valnohova wrote and directed the film therefore the film truly represents Marketa’s perception of reality. The title ‘If Fishes’ refers to the English proverb ‘if wishes were fishes...’ The fish in the subject doesn’t appear in the film but it remains a silent and unseen movers of the plot, in the same way our wishes do.