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Marko Miscevic

Akademija dramske umjetnosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

Night Gardens

The word ‘landscape’ most often evokes an idyllic pastoral image – but it is an image which very seldom finds a real counterpart in the modern world. In reality there is an innate human instinct that drives us to leave our mark on the environment. Manmade landscapes function as physical traces of the kind of people that we were and that we are. The work of Marko Miščević focuses on the landfill as a primary motif. In Night Gardens he aims to show how our landscape is changed by cultural tendencies in modern life. Waste as a by-product of modern urban life is growing even faster than urbanisation. For most people, landscape is something to be looked at but seldom thought about. Sometimes landscape is noticed for its beauty – or lack thereof – but in general it is ignored. We are barely aware of how modern human activity alters nature, and that is one of the reasons why landfills are built far from sight. Yet regardless of whether or not we see them, landfills are still in our immediate vicinity, and even though we may want to eradicate them from our daily landscape we still have to take responsibility for their existence. Conservative projections drawn by the United Nations suggest that, if current population and consumption trends continue, we will need the equivalent of two Earths to support us by the 2030s. And of course, we only have one.