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Martina Nikoljačić

Akademija likovnih umjetnosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

Primus inter pares

The series Primus inter pares is made up of 5 elements (objects) created from wood of various geometrical polyhedrons. Each object occupies its own space, apparently independent from one another. However, after careful observation, we see the relation, the interdependence between each and all spaces. We recognize the connection of positive and negative spaces. The composition and interplay of all polyhedrons reflect traditional treatment of the sculpture as an object in need of observation from all sides. As all five sculptural elements avoid hierarchy, thus somewhat distracting the viewer's gaze, it accents the game of light and shadow of the surfaces. The careful formation of the surface indicates the deliberate choice of material and respect for its organic form. The viewer can feel the clash between the cold, exact geometry with the warmth and texture of cherry tree wood. The artist examines the soft structure of the cherry tree wood as she forms clean sides of polyhedrons. As she reveals different shapes of the lines formed by the tree rings she confronts and softens the rigidity of pure geometrical forms.