NXT creatives

Megan Wyatt

Glynd┼Ár University

Painting as an Immersive Experience

This exhibit consists of a large porcelain and glass-tiled wall panel that is backlit to create a unique and visually stunning piece of artwork. The work expands on the discipline of painting and proves that the notions and ideologies of such a traditional discipline can still be used in an exciting and stimulating way today. Although the medium of paint is not used, references to painting are made through the use of the materials and the surrounding frame. Porcelain and glass have been used for their beautiful and fragile qualities and their ability to reflect light. The porcelain has been slip casted to a 2mm thickness with care and precision meaning that under dim light it becomes transparent along with the glass. The different firing temperatures of ceramics and glass mean that it is incredibly difficult to create a piece of work combining the two. This work is an exquisite example of how applied art materials can be used within a fine art context to create a beautiful and conceptual piece of artwork.

Artist Statement

As an artist I have always been interested in the medium of paint and the traditions and concepts that surround it. My research focuses on painting as an immersive experience. I aim to measure how people with dementia respond to my own artwork in a gallery setting and whether this in any way can have a benefit to their wellbeing. 

Over the past six years my practical work has explored the different dimensions of painting from both a historic and contemporary perspective. My practice challenges the traditional processes of painting by breaking away from traditional ideologies and using a variety of media. My work is often site specific and responds to the environment by engaging with the physical space. I am fascinated by the changes that painting has undergone in history and I have a particular interest in how contemporary painting extends the boundaries of conventions.

I focus heavily on the use of colour and through using different materials I am able to experiment more with opacity and translucency to gain a wide range of effects. My work illustrates how painting does not need to be confined by tradition but can embrace elements of historical convention combined with novel ways of working. Through experimenting with a diverse range of mediums and researching into the ideas surrounding contemporary painting, I have been able to establish a creative and experimental practice which has a firm conceptual underpinning and is relevant to the context of contemporary art today.