NXT creatives

Michael Dilissen & Diederik Jeangout

Karel de Grote-Hogeschool

How to save the bluefin tuna

Can art save the world? If the bluefin tuna, now a critically endangered species, disappears from our oceans, then it could potentially unbalance the global ecosystem and begin a chain reaction with severe implications for the human race... Michael Dilissen and Diederik Jeangout's How to save the bluefin tuna harnesses the power of design to incite us to save our common environment, at the same time casting a critical eye on the effectiveness of other bluefin campaigns. Seeking to distinguish itself from those ecological organisations that operate as businesses, investing in banal advertisements in order to raise money from membership fees to reinvest into more banal advertisements, Dilissen and Jeangout's project mobilises its audience with actions like Chopstick Guerilla, a DIY campaign to turn chopsticks into tiny placards ('Save the bluefin tuna!', 'Stop eating a nearly extinct species!') and smuggle them into sushi restaurants.