NXT creatives

Mieke Dierckx

Hogeschool PXL

Deformation 4, 2009

Part of the larger collection Hoog Tij, Deformation 4 is a brooch that investigates how jewellery can be designed in response to site and context. Deformations are included in the brooch itself so that it reflects a warped image of the clothing or the body when worn, or of the surrounding environment when exhibited. Site-specificity is already a tradition in the fine arts, but has been rarely used for the exhibition of jewellery. And when it has, it has been concerned almost exclusively with the presentation of jewels. For the collection Hoog Tij, site-specificity is used as a design methodology: the artistic work itself, and not only its presentation, is conceptually based on a specific place, in this case an indoor swimming pool in the city of Hasselt.