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Milena Živanović

Fakultet Dramskih Umetnosti (FDU)


Drama ‘Edith’ is an homage to Édith Piaf, the most important figure in  French popular culture. The style of performance combines acting mime, cirque nouveau and cabaret. It is roughly divided in 10 tableaus which cover the most important events of her life; her birth and early childhood, growing up on the streets, her relationships and the deaths in her life, her first successes, occupation of Paris resistance and interrogation held by Nazi officers, post-war loneliness, success in America and her final moments.

The performance explores darkness and light and freedom and fear, with boldness, rawness and elegance. The magnificent acting is an equal part to the extraordinarily talented composer and pianist, whose music creates the scenic experience without any elements of set. Music also plays an important role in creating the intimate atmosphere that accompanies the confessional tone of the text.

Artist Statement

Edith Piaf has always been my muse, and her art and personal life has moved and inspired me in my work. She was an artist that was able to communicate with a wide range of audiences from all social classes, never making compromises with her artistic expression or her political and social engagement. Her personality and her life story, full of contradictions, turned out to be perfect material for creating theatre. I wanted to make theatre that has the power to identify with this woman, with her strength, vulnerability, excitement and pain, like how I connect with her songs. 
At the end of my studies I felt I was finally ready to put myself in the shoes of my heroine, and to bring her to life on stage. I dedicated years to research and preparations for this work, involving my dear friends and colleagues and I am very proud of the result. With this process I developed professionally and personally, I got over some of my fears and I moved few steps forward.   
For me it is also very important that this production was released on the 100 year anniversary of the the birth of Édith Piaf.