NXT creatives

Milica Todoric

Univerzitet umetnosti u Beogradu

Structural Variation

Structural Variation is modular panel curtain design with cutting-edge aesthetics. With technologies such as digital printing on PVC foil and digital fabrication, commercial design for the home is achieved. Humble design elements make a powerful statement in the artist’s work. Functionality, modularity and potential of non-standard material use in textile design were explored. Structures with vibrant colours soft textures and striking form were achieved. Structural Variation is a contemporary design which aims to encourage the user’s creative thinking and explores personal aesthetic experiences.

Artist Statement

Inspired by tradition I have created a design for contemporary interiors. My project Structural Variation explores modularity from the perspective of a textile designer, emphasising design personalisation and user engagement. By transposing traditional textiles I have created modular elements simple in form. The experience I have as a textile designer and the application of modern technologies are vital for shaping a simple interlocking system. Focusing on the innovative use of materials, I investigated the structural and visual changes in the surface design. With ‘Structural Variation, I wanted to create a design that will achieve deeper emotional connections with the user and allow their active participation in the design process. The combination of simple forms and geometric phenomena has created a unique contemporary aesthetic experience.