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Mimetheatregroup (MTG) Botlek

Schijnbeweging / Feinting

Two conductors balance on and move across a frame of scaffolding set half a metre above the floor; men in their own universe, they compete to make the most artful gesture as they wait for an orchestra to arrive and affirm their greatness... Inspired by the star conductor Valery Gergiev – his charisma, his discipline, his artistic refinement – MTG Botlek's Feinting is a physical theatre piece about pride, performance, and the never satisfied desire or perfection. Performed by Dwayne Toemere and Yannick Greweldinger with dry humour and a touch of irony, Feinting is given a thrilling tension by the physical challenge of its set design – the two conductors balancing on the scaffolding, jumping pipe to pipe, are competing to never touch the ground...